About Us

Get to know Amy

Here is what Andy has to say about me – and yes, I did edit!

“Amy’s a tiny bit posh, hailing from Sussex don’t you know. Warm and thoughtful, she’s the talker, the listener, the person who puts you at ease. Not much keeps her down – an optimist and loyal friend. She’s a little bit fiery at times (I think it’s the hair), with an ‘all or nothing’ approach to her endeavours – not always helpful when she’s on a book marathon, but still. A gym lover, cardigan addict, opinionated wallflower. She pursues life outside her comfort zone, but always waits for the green man.”

Get to know Andy

And here is what Amy has to say about me:

“A black country native, transplanted in Cheshire. Andy’s the realist to my optimist, a techie geek, always researching the details. Strong willed, (okay – a bit stubborn), but also cuddly and sweet. There is fire in his belly so don’t let that quiet exterior fool you (it did me!). An outdoor adventurer and old movie enthusiast, he’s into healthy living – but takes a holistic approach, arguing that cake and beer are good for the soul, hmmmm. When he’s not walking up mountains you’ll find him pouring over camera reviews and enriching his brain with techie know-how so he can wow me over dinner with his new found knowledge – which is fine, as long as it comes with a large glass of red wine!”